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The following registration and medical form must be completed by any individual who wishes to attend the Arqana Breeze Up Sale 2021

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Have you had symptoms of COVID-19: fever, coughing or sore throat?
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In the last 14 days have you been in contact with someone who has COVID-19 or currently has COVID19 Symptoms?
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Terms & Conditions

By attending the Goffs Sales, all attendees acknowledge and agree that notwithstanding the risk mitigation protocols put in place by Goffs in accordance with Government guidance, it is impossible to eliminate all risk and therefore remains the potential for unintended transmission of COVID-19 between attendees.

All attendees must play their part in minimising the risk to themselves and others. Goffs and Goffs UK reserve the right to refuse entry or eject from the Sales Complex for any breach of COVID-19 requirements.

Goffs use the data you provide in this form to screen for the possibility that you may be carrying the COVID-19 virus and to control entry to Goffs property. Details on how we collect and use this data are set out in our COVID-19 Privacy Notice. This notice also includes details of your data protection rights, including the right to object to certain processing.

We may also share information we receive from you with other third parties as set out in more detail in the COVID-19 Privacy Notice which can be read here.