Goffs and Goffs UK - Covid 19 Reaction and Plans



as at 20th March 2020

The COVID 19 (coronavirus) spread is causing disruption and concern across the globe.

At Goffs we are following the advice and direction of the authorities in Ireland and the UK with our primary focus being on the health and wellbeing of our staff and clients. For that reason please note that Goffs have implemented a Work from Home policy and protocol so that we can continue with business as usual as our teams are equipped to work from home with connectivity to our databases, email etc. However, the Goffs offices in Kildare and the UK will be closed until further notice and at least for the remainder of this week, with the situation being monitored and reviewed on an ongoing basis. For the time being the Goffs Teams can be contacted via email and mobile, details of which are on a link on the Homepages of the Goffs and Goffs UK websites – www.goffs.com and www.goffsuk.com.

As things stand we are planning for our sales to go ahead as scheduled but will, of course, monitor events and take advice and direction from the authorities as the situation evolves. However, whilst we cannot predict the future, we wanted to let you, our valued clients, know how we are addressing the problems presented and how we are planning in the short and medium term:

The Aintree Sale – cancelled due to the cancellation of the Randox Health Grand National Meeting
However we are working on alternatives to market and sell top class P2Pers and HIT, and will contact potential vendors in due course

Doncaster Breeze-Up Sale – 22nd & 23rd April
As things stand we plan to go ahead. In any event we will not make any finite decision until Monday 30th March when we will review the situation at which time we will decide whether we need to delay the sale or can proceed as originally scheduled. However, to be clear, the 2020 Doncaster Breeze-Up Sale will be held and the only issue is when

Punchestown Sale – 30th April
As with Aintree, this sale depends on whether The Punchestown Festival takes place. We will react accordingly and in consultation with the Punchestown Executive

Doncaster Spring Sale – 18th to 21st May
Stores – entry forms should be returned to Goffs UK and the catalogue will be published on 15th April
HIT/P2Pers – entries can be made in the usual way via the Goffs UK website – www.goffsuk.com . Entries close on 20th April. Should the Aintree and/or Punchestown Sales not be held those entries can be accommodated at Doncaster

Goffs Land Rover Sale – 9th & 10th June
Entry forms should be returned to Goffs and the catalogue will be on-line on 1st May

Yearling Sales – Doncaster Premier & Goffs Orby

Nominations should be returned to Goffs and Goffs UK on-line so that inspections can be arranged in due course. When stud visits commence our teams will follow strict protocols to ensure the safety and well-being of our clients and staff

Future Sales – further updates will be posted and communicated in due course and depending on what happens. However Goffs are technologically equipped to conduct our business in a variety of ways including utilising our new on-line sales facility that may be deployed in a broader and more comprehensive manner than to date.

I hope the above is helpful but please do not hesitate to contact any of the Goffs Teams if you have any queries or concerns. For the time being, like so many, we would encourage everyone to follow the advice of the authorities and to stay safe.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

Group Chief Executive