Goffs Announce Revised Schedule of Dates for Breeze-Up and Store Sales

The Goffs Group has announced revised dates for the Doncaster Breeze Up and Spring Sales, and the Goffs Land Rover Sale due to the unprecedented circumstances surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic.
Goffs UK Breeze Up:
The Goffs UK Breeze Up, which was set to take place from 22-23 April, will be delayed to 29 - 30 June. The sale will be held at Goffs in Ireland in assocciation with Arqana who will hold their Breeze Up Sale at the sale time and location. News here
Goffs UK Breeze Up has produced six Royal Ascot winners since 2010, including last season’s Norfolk Stakes winner A’Ali, and the top class 2020 catalogue is out now and available online.
Doncaster Spring Sale and Goffs Land Rover Sale:
The Goffs UK Spring Sale of stores and HIT/Point-to-Pointers and the Goffs Land Rover Sale for three year old stores will now be held in the weeks commencing 27 July and 3 August respectively.
The move recalls days gone by when the best store horses of the year were offered in August at Doncaster, and it is hoped that these dates will allow extra preparation time for store vendors as well as additional time for a return to normality of sorts for buyers.
Spring and Land Rover Sale vendors will shortly receive a revised timetable in relation to entry deadlines, pedigree proofs and catalogue publication.

Yearling Sales – Doncaster Premier Sale and Goffs Orby & Sportsman’s Sales:
Goffs hope and intend that their programme of yearling sales in Kildare and Doncaster will go ahead as scheduled.  Yearling inspections are being planned for May subject to Government directives, and, when underway, will adhere to strict protocols to protect the well-being of Goffs clients and staff.
Announcing the revised sales schedule, Goffs Group Chief Executive Henry Beeby said:
“In these uncertain times we must plan as best we can but accept that time is going to be required before any degree of normality returns to our lives. With that in mind we have revisited our sales calendar and listened to the directives and information coming from our Governments and the aspirations of the Racing Authorities in both countries. We do not feel it would be sensible to attempt to sell any category until such time as racing returns in some form in the UK and/or Ireland and hope this revised schedule allows the time for that to happen and for the dream of racehorse ownership to be reignited in potential purchasers. 
Staging the Goffs UK and Arqana Breeze Ups at Naas Racecourse and Goffs' Kildare Paddocks is, we believe, the best chance to provide a vibrant marketplace for Breeze Up vendors in these challenging times.  Meanwhile the alternative Store sales dates recall a time when the best stores used to be sold at that time of year. Indeed I remember working my first DBS sale in August 1978 when the cream of the crop was offered. These later dates also provide the opportunity for some point-to-pointers and horses in training to be marketed to a willing market.
We hope that this revised schedule gives some clarity to our clients whilst recognising that there are no ideal solutions to a situation no one foresaw just a few weeks ago. However we are grateful to the industry for their assistance and assure every Goffs client that we will work tirelessly to provide the best possible opportunities to sell and buy.
Finally I want to thank the Goffs teams in Ireland and the UK for their commitment and proactivity whilst we operate our work from home policy to ensure that we keep everyone safe and play our part in trying to halt the spread of this awful virus.”
The revised schedules will be available soon on Goffs.com and GoffsUK.com. 
In line with the advice and direction of the authorities in Ireland and the UK, Goffs continue to work from home and our teams are available via email and mobile. Contact details are available on the Goffs and Goffs UK websites.